KaBoing released on Google Play

I am pleased to announce my monogame app is now available on Google Play. Its been submitted to apple so will be on iOS very soon.

Heres some screen shots

I have found monogame a joy to work with and the community very helpful and what few bugs I have hit have been resolved very quickly.

The hardest part I found to write was facebook integration there are very few tutorials and I am when I get time free planning to write a tutorial for all 3 platforms. In the mean time anyone got any questions bang me an email or post on here and I am more than willing to help.

Have a play and let me know any feedback.Feel free to click on ads as well

Nice job finishing the game! How hard was to port it for android?

It was actually very easy the tips I would give are as follows: -

  1. Plan your code in advance I went for a structired project so I had a project for each platform KaBoing.WP8, KaBoing.Android and KaBoing.iOS all that was in these are the base class such as Activity(Android) , UIApplicationDelegate for iOS and XAML for WP8, content files, and manifests. I the have a shared project KaBoing.shproj for all the general bit with some #if ANDROID etc.

  2. DO NOT use emulators they are bad and dont emulate perfectly.

  3. Use the community here ask questions and look at examples there are some great guys on here(massive kudos to nezz)

  4. Be prepared for some sleepless nights lol