Key Defense - My first game

Hey all! I finally published my first indie game, Key Defense! It’s a music and rhythm game for Android. Here is a link to the store page if anyone is interested in checking it out:
And here is a link to a trailer: Key Defense Release Trailer - YouTube
I’d love to hear some feedback if this looks like fun to anyone.


Congrats on releasing your game! :slight_smile:

FYI - The google play store link doesn’t seem to work.

I would tag this under Showcase

To embed the video, only enter in the post, remove the auto inserted code around it.

So, the blocks play the musical tones? if so, neat! do make dialogue boxes larger though.

Thanks! That’s strange about the link. I will try it a different way.

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Here are individual links to the regular and lite versions. Hopefully these work!

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Thanks for posting the embedded video!
The song actually just plays regardless, but there are miss and missed tap sound effects. I think I originally thought of making the notes play when they are tapped, but any sort of input or audio latency would have caused problems. At one point I tried to do a practice mode which used that idea, but it turned out pretty bad because of it.
The dialog boxes are pretty small. Not sure why I settled on that size. For some reason I vaguely remember making a larger speech bubble once, but I can’t find the art file so either I didn’t actually or I overwrote it.

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If it is ^2 you can just scale with pointclamp maybe

Keep it up!

I’d probably just make a new art file. All the art is pixel perfect, so if I scaled up it would make the black border thicker. The hard part would be making sure my “text wrap” code still works as intended.
And I almost forgot! I did put this game in the showcase section unless I put it in the wrong spot.

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You placed it under Android unfortunately

Take a look at this thread though:

New MonoGame Showcase - Showcase - Community | MonoGame

I put it at the bottom of that thread. Was that not the right place?

Oh ok nvm lol, update the post to add the video though…

Got it! Thanks for the help!

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