Keyboard issue. Not recognizing multiple simultaneous key presses.

In several games I’ve been working there has been a consistent and rather annoying issue with keyboard input, Holding down strangely specific button combinations denies any other key to be declared down or pressed. Some combinations allow two buttons, while others allow three. Is there any way to get around this?

This is a keyboard limitation, the way around is to buy a new one. See also

In all my years gaming on the PC (wow over 30 now) I’ve never had this problem (that I recall) I must have always bought a decent keyboard.

I had this problem on a keyboard supplied with the computer I bought. It certainly was the cheaper keyboard that could be found, and I had to buy a new one, less noisy, and without this sort of limitation (even CTRL+ALT+DEL sometimes failed !)
Buy at least a middle range keyboard, or better, sometimes you can try them in some stores.

I use to get this back in zsnes gaming years of my life, I had to map my keys in a certain way that wasn’t really comfortable for games such as super metroid where you may be holding; direction + run + shoot + angle etc. or sometimes even just trying run jump and shoot didn’t work with certain keys.

Nice read from @Jjagg I always suspected it was something like this but never realised it was hardware (I just thought you couldn’t press certain combinations)