Keyboardinput delayed

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in some of our apps we have the problem that the keyboard input on Windows 10 is delayed (iskeydown) which makes the game possible to play. If you press a key it will be transmitted sometimes about 2 seconds after you hit it. If you hit a key just for a tenth of a second iskeyup will also be called after a few seconds (sometimes).
What makes it even more strange is that it doesn´t happen all the time. Sometimes it works and on some machines it works always.
Did anybody see that problem before and know what can be done against it?


Is this in a normal DirectX or a UWP project?
Are you using the latest MG version? IIRC some fixes for this have been merged (I think @nkast was involved).

It´s an UWP-Project and as I looked it up I´m using version So I guess I know the answer :frowning:
Should I just use the 3.6-Version from 1st off march 2017 or the latest nightly build?
And thanks for the fast reply!

The fixes were merged before 3.6, so that should be fine. Develop has some additional bug fixes and is generally stable. I always use develop myself. EDIT: Seems I’m wrong :stuck_out_tongue: the fix did not make it to 3.6

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The fix (#5520) was merged shortly after 3.6 so you have to use the latest develop builds.

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Great! I used the latest build and it should have fixed the bug. I wasn´t encountering it all the time so I´m not 100% sure. But the fix for #5520 sounds exactly like my problem so I´m pretty certain that it´s fixed now.
Thanks for the quick help!

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