Kinect and Monogame Compatibility

Hi all,

I am trying to make a xbox kinect game using visual studio 2017. I have tried many tutorials, but every time I get an error saying that .Net Framework and .Net Core are not compatible. Is there a way for me to get the kinect to work using visual studio 2017 and monogame in a universal windows project?

I have monogame 3.7, Visual Studio 15.9.11, and the kinect SDK installed. I have already tried setting the minimum and maximum target platform versions to "Windows 10 Fall Creators Update(10.0; Build 16299). Some forum posts talk about changing the target framework but when I create a MonoGame Windows 10 Universal (Core Application) program I can’t seem to change the target framework using any methods I have read online.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Do you have to use a universal windows project? Can’t you use a WindowsDX project?

I used Kinect and MonoGame for my Master Thesis, you can take a look and see if anything helps

Umm, have you looked at Project Settings? seems you might be new to Visual Studio, perhaps start there?

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If by “Project Settings” you mean the Project Properties, yes I’ve looked there. On the Application tab under Targeting it says that the Target is “Universal Windows” and is not editable. Should I be looking elsewhere? What exactly do I need to set/change to be able to use a reference to Kinect (built on the .NET Framework not Core)?

Well for starters, not using the UWP template?

You will have to create a new project using the MonoGame.DesktopGL or MonoGame.DirectX templates.

Thank you. I used the Monogame.DesktopGL and MonoGame.DirectX templates and I see that I can add references and it will now build. How can I deploy to a remote machine(xbox)? I only have options to build, not deploy.

Just double checking, but 360 or XBOX One? I thought Kinect was dropped last year?

Oh, I didn’t realize you were trying to make an Xbox project. Yeah the Community Games have to be UWP, the DesktopGL and DirectX projects won’t work. Microsoft mentioned a few years back that the Kinect for Windows V2 update would work with UWP, but I never looked into it.

You should try reaching out to id@xbox and see if they can offer some guidance about indie game dev with the kinect on xbox one.

Glad I did a search, this is interesting news:


But yeah, if you are thinking to launch a game targeting the Kinect, probably a good idea to consider the market adoption numbers…