Kinect and monogame

Can I use kinect and monogame to create a desktop application? I want to develop an application that controls an avatar (3D model) with kinect skeleton.

Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0
The Kinect for Windows software development kit (SDK) 2.0 enables you to create commercial or Windows Store apps and experiences that support gesture and voice recognition by using C++, C#, Visual Basic, or any other .NET language or Windows Store projection.

Possibly a yes?

That thing looks so awesome. I’ve been looking at it lately… Or was it a newer version?

Any way, that whole “depth-perception in a box” thing just seems too good to be true.

Have you seen the magic sandbox thing, where a projector is hooked up to one of these? That would be doable with homemade code if you could afford/acquire those couple of parts…

Have you not heard about this yet?


Sadly no C#.NET support :frowning:

Unlikely this will support .NET either :frowning:

You sure can, I did so for my thesis. Feel free to take a look at the source code.

he, no havn’t seen that one! -But I’m a bit skeptical as to whether it will catch on… Like with VR, using the equipment is such an involved process, compared to sitting on your butt with your mouse and ‘WASD’ arms resting on the desk…

But that’s just motion based user interface… IF it can basically do accurate 3d photography, maybe even export 3d models from the image data, that would be sick.

You can, read the pages I linked :slight_smile: I believe Logitech has something that scans objects on your desk too into 3D models… they targeted it at kids for some bizarre reason…

We’ll see, I’ve heard companies promising VR since I was playing NES :slight_smile:

Its just, its easy to grasp the concept of depth perception… But implementing model-generation from that data, without artifacts, just seems hard without all sorts of constraints on the user… Like you would need laboratory conditions to succeed. But we’ll see!

For lack of a better analogy, Rome Was Not Built In A Single Day…

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I agree its broken! I know what you mean!

About rome not being built in one day, I blame the marketing guys for building expectations… I think the tech guys are doing great work, the width of the appeal of their products is just usually overstated, you know how it is :slight_smile: … Gotta attract those investors, and generate that consumer demand!

On balance, users expect too much and are also disappointed, I am not rooting for marketing [Half hate them to bits myself, yet they serve a purpose] but often the fault is on both sides of the debate.

Trust me I was hardly this balanced until the recent years of my life… comes with experience.

Read; Sun Tzu: The Art Of War.

HA! I listened to it narrated many years ago… Colorful banners and thundering drums! Clear signaling even through the chaos of battle! WRAAARGH!

Great stuff, still holds up a lot of the way.

ok, we just hi-jacked this thread to shreads… Sorry OP :slight_smile:

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Hi thanks for answering, I have a question Did you use the kinect for xbox one or xbox 360? The application that you created Was a desktop application?

I have a hard time following who the OP is as nobody seams to bother changing their Avatars… @monopalle

I think @GIL I the OP, so I too apologise.

He is using the Kinect SDK 2.0 on the MonoGame.DesktopGL platform, which means the xbox one kinect sensor in a desktop app.

I’ve done a bunch of work with the 360 Kinect and MonoGame. I’ve got several github repos showing how to set it up and get them to play nice together with the color & depth streams:

I did some stuff with avateering a 2d character too, but this code is pretty gross. I could probably clean it up and open source it if anyone is that interested.

Somebody mentioned the Magic Sandbox… I got to play with one of these this weekend and it was AWESOME. I’d love to get it working in MonoGame so could create some actual games on that platform :slight_smile: If anybody has thoughts on that I’d love to hear it.



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I used the Kinect v2 for Windows, which is the same as the Xbox One.

Yes, in the source code I have project configs for MonoGame WindowsDX and DesktopGL, which are both desktop applications.

I’ve really been thinking about building one of those sand-boxes… I think I can get my hands on a used 720p projector really cheap…
But I haven’t really researched the connection and hardware requirements for this Kinect depth-censor, or whether a better one exists vs prices etc…

My basic idea is to take depth-pictures with the censor,
export pictures as png height map to folder x,
have my program load the height-map,
and spew a grid of colors to matching the resolution of the projector.