Kni MGCBEditor3.9.9001 doesn't open

Hello everybody! Downloaded update 3.9.9001. I downloaded a fresh MGCB folder to the folder and am trying through ProtonType.exe open .mgcb files. A window opens and closes for a moment. Can you tell me what the problem might be?

Adding strings to the application configuration solves my problem. The program could not open because of the library “from the Internet”.

	<loadFromRemoteSources enabled="true"/>

That is a wpf editor which is still in development. Maybe the folder or exe is locked by windows. Otherwish it might be helpful if you can tell me the errors from windows error log.

The sdk installer contain the old pipeline editor. That would be the preferred app at the moment.

For some reason, the old MGCB does not see my link to the assembly. I think because my build is for 3.9.9001 version of MonoGame.Framework.Content.Pipeline.dll , and the old MGCB refers to for version 3.8.9102

Unfortunately, ProtonType can’t compile my files: 1. I can’t create a new project in ProtonType. 2. File properties are not displayed. Probably, we should forget about creating custom Importers for the Blazor project for now.

Nevertheless, I managed to redo my project on KNI and run it on Windows, Desktops and Blazor along with my custom contents (Winforms MGCB). I apologize for simply distracting you.

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