KVARTRIS! My Tetris clone, free download :-)

Just thought I would share this with you guys. If you haven’t played Tetris in a while, give this one a try :wink:

Its got everything you need, no audio… DOWNLOAD HERE

Hi score, speed increments, a ‘next brick’ indicator, a bit of animation when you clear lines, and you can move bricks for a split second immediately after they land… And a pause button: ‘P’

I think it feels pretty “authentic”, share any questions or comments!

Looks great. Those old games are great way to get a completed project under your belt. Take what you learned here and move onto the next slightly more complex project.

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Graphics are so simple but so cute, good job on that.

I understand better why you would think spending more than a day on a game could be too much if you create a game per day !

Thanks, I was going for that old computer feel with the graphics.

Dont worry, while this game probably only took about a day, I think pac-man took a week or so, at least a few days…

Of coarse, with these “simple” games, I knew exactly what I wanted from the beginning, and the asset load was tiny…
I actually DID them because I thought I could do them pretty fast, and wanted to test that…

-I spent MONTHS on an extensive brick-breaker clone (which I will post here soon), and MONTHS on my GRINDER game…
They required a much more extensive planning or design phase, with prototypes and a crap-ton of assets…

The problem with your version is that you can´t start at a higher speed and the rotation is different in the real tetris games. But for a one day project this does not look bad.
I am currently working on my own tetris clone and I really enjoy just playing it. This is the only project I played more than actually writing it.

Thanks for the feedback!

There is the option to press the down key to speed up brick falling…
But yeah, I guess I could add a speed+ button, should that increase the score by some factor so its not just a voluntary drawback?

Could you also tell me how you feel the rotation differs from normal? I could still tweak it if you have good suggestions.

For the rotation system I would use this. And for the scoring you could use something like this. And maybe you could add the option to press a button to let the block fall fully down what would add speed to the game (i really like it, space bar maybe?). And maybe for better controle also the option to press up to rotate.

Excellent feed-back! Thank you!

Hi monopalle, I know it’s been many years but do you still have Kvartris available for download? It looks like a really cool game, but the download link is broken :frowning:


@monopalle Sorry I am just @ing here because someone said you would get a notification if I did.