Lags with OpenGL

The project is almost empty and the movement of the player lags while using the MonoGame.Framework.OpenGL reference. The project runs smooth with MonoGame.Framework.WindowsDX.

I didn’t change anything from the default settings (FixedFrames, TargetElapsedTime etc.) and the velocity is constant.

Is there any known issue?

I have dozens of layers and effects running at once in OpenGL without any lag - It’s hard to say without seeing the code.
One tip I can offer is to avoid Immediate Mode and use something like Deferred Mode in the spriteBatch.Begin
If you have thousands of different sprites, I’d also use sprite-sheets too which reduces texture switching (altho that should be the same in OpenGL as DX I think).
Multi-shader tip:
It’s also possible to draw sprites with a color and then have a shader decide which shading functions to use based on the colorization (and then discard the unused color channel deviation)

Well, the project is literally empty. I can provide an example to debug into. Thanks for ur feedback :slight_smile: