Learn MonoGame from the ground up with https://learn-monogame.github.io/

I started writing MonoGame tutorials here: https://learn-monogame.github.io/


Looks good, but I’d suggest adding some content before publicising that you are starting to write tutorials. The first visit has to draw people in to read, else they will dismiss it and move on. Nothing kills a tutorial site faster than no updated content.

I don’t think so, this is meant to be a long term project. Also I expect others to contribute over time. Already got a few articles lined up one of which is a collaboration with two other people directly and more people indirectly.

If no one takes the initiative, it will never get done. Also one of the article written, Automate Release, is already useful by itself.

Right now, there’s a lot of new people joining the MonoGame discord and a lot of the answers to their questions end up lost. What I intend to do with this site is write up and archive some of that.

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Just wrote a new how-to guide for a fullscreen toggle: https://learn-monogame.github.io/how-to/fullscreen/.

There’s also now a better MonoGame description on the front page.


Just wrote a new tutorial about writing a simple shader. It should give a good initial introduction to shaders: https://learn-monogame.github.io/tutorial/first-shader/

Feel free to comb through it and report any mistakes or point out the parts that you got stuck in.


New tutorial! This one covers how to create an infinite background shader.


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New quick guide on using MonoGame development builds: https://learn-monogame.github.io/how-to/install-develop/.


Published a first version of a new tutorial on how to preserve game settings: Persistent game settings - Learn MonoGame

Looking for feedback on how I can improve it.

btw, I rewrote a couple of the other articles to hopefully make them be better.

Published a quick guide for developing with vscode.


This is great!

If I can make some requests.
I’m a beginner and learning monogame.
I would love tutorials on basic 2D things for game development of games on a 2D map and what libraries could be usefull for this.

Also i’m looking for tutorials on how to convert a certain monogame project to another for example from desktopgl to android.



For the second part on “converting”… If you setup the visual studio solution to e. g. have a netstandard project which has the source code and the content then converting would mean to add a projects for windowsdx, desktopgl and / or android. In these projects you reference the netstandard library. This way you can have most of the code shared. Only platform specific code needs to be different e. g. handling input (touch on android, mouse, keyboard, gamepad for desktop).

For quickly generating a multi platform solution you can use

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Updated to MonoGame 3.8.1. Feedback welcome in case I missed anything.

Published a quick guide for changing the default MonoGame icon:

Added a section to the front page about contributing to the site:


I update the tutorial on game settings. It now uses the C# source generator for the JSON.

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New article about writing a custom batcher:

Looking for feedback / proofreading to make sure all the info is accurate.

If you are planning on doing 2D development with MonoGame and you want to design maps for your project, I would recommend using the Tiled Map Editor software. It is considered one of the go-to resources for this type of work.

And it is completely free to use… https://www.mapeditor.org/

What about tutorials on using Visual Studio? This IDE is just as popular if not more popular than Visual Studio Code…