Learnig resources

Does every book or tutorial for XNA 4 also apply to MonoGame 3.0.1 and 3.2 or are there things in XNA 4 not ported yet? I am using Mac OS X.

Thanks for your help

Pretty much all of the XNA tutorials can be followed using Monogame. You might encounter some bugs or unimplemented features, but there’s always a work around. The best option would be to fix the bug yourself and submitting the change on github!

There are also video tutorials on our YouTube channel…


… most of them are for Windows, but they still might be helpful.

Thanks for the link. Once I setup MonoGame to use in a project are there any differences between the platforms I am developing on regarding the usage of MonoGame? As far my understanding goes there should not be, because you have one codebase for all platforms right?

In general for most things no… they should be the same.