Level Design Advice

My project is a 2D platform shooter, think games like Gunstar Heroes, Metroid and Megaman.

I’ve got the physics and collisions working and I’m currently building the level editor element of the program so I can build the stages.

What I’m looking into is some level design tutorials and guides to get a better idea of how to design good stages. I’ve found loads specific for 2D platformers, such as Mario and Sonic, but they don’t go into any detail of what to consider when designing for a platform shooter.

I’m still going to use the non-shooty platformer tutotials and guides as they’re full of great info, but I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere I could get information on platform shooter specific level design.

Thanks in advance.

I would recommend you try Tiled Map Editor. As for how to load it’s maps into MonoGame, you can use one of the following:

Use first few stages to teach the player about game mechanics, after that everything you add is pretty much down to your creativity.

Also watch Indie Game the Movie, it will help.