Linux Installer: Snaps or Flatpak

I will be doing an update of Linux installer for MG 3.7. Now the current way it’s set up is that it uses a .run installer, and it requires a lot of stuff to be the latest version. I can’t do much about it and there isn’t any backwards compatibility, like for almost all of the distro specific packages. Now in recent months 2 projects have appeared which aren’t distro specific and offer backwards compatibility, these 2 projects are:

Now one of these should be selected, if anyone has a valid reason to select one over the other, do mention it at: Also please avoid selecting one of them because you like one of the contributors of the projects.

A little bit off-topic, sorry, any plan to add a proper Debian support ?

Last time I’ve tried, sudo parameters are not the ones the Debian (testing) expect (or not in the right order) and installer leave a mess behind that need to be cleaned up before trying another install :(.

Run installer has been upgraded in the develop release of MG so it should work fine now. As for a specific .deb installer there won’t be one, it’s distro specific and supporting each distro doesn’t sound like a good plan.