[Linux] Monogame Pipeline Effect Processor

Infinitespace Studios Remote Effect Processor effect files are outdated.
This MGFX effect is for an older release of MonoGame and needs to be rebuilt.
Can anyone host a new Effect Processor soo we Linux users could use it :)?

That’s created and hosted by @dellis1972

I don’t think he is active.

I’ve hit the same problem, but when building manually with Monogame Pipeline it seems to still work, although I need to manually copy the resulting Content/bin to the final game folder for it to work. How come the Monogame Pipeline works but automatic build doesn’t?

Addendum: The MonogamePipeline in my setup uses the Infinitespace as well

I found other work around without Infinitespace pipeline.
You need to download Monogame for Windows and Wine with Staging, then you need to download
d3dcompiler_47.dll from google and place to Tools dir. After that, you can use 2MGFX.exe in Linux :slight_smile:

@Peon501 Do you think this setup could be automatized to run every build process?

I don’t know anything about monogame pipeline plugins API, but it can’t be that hard :slight_smile:

I am working on that plugin :slight_smile:

Ok, I made it, now I need to clean a code a bit and it will be done :slight_smile:

Ok, I made it. Please feel free to change anything.

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I updated code to handle errors

Fixed errors handling.
I realised it only showed first error line :wink: