Little racing game - Video and Download :-)

Heres a little top down racing game I made… It started as a one-night project with a friend I convinced to draw a 1080p racetrack, while I programmed some mechanics… -Inspired by (but surpassing ;-)) a tutorial on pixel-based collision detection I followed a while back…

It ended up being my hobby for the next couple of weeks…

2 players, 3 tracks…
Auto-zooming camera, resolution never goes below 1080p…
varying terrain resistance - roads are better!
Multi-layered tracks for bridges and tunnels, cars scale according to elevation.
Permanent skid-marks and tire-tracks, and smoking tires… Sparks if you hit stuff…
Way-point system and lap-timers, velocity indicator.
-And some very primitive sound effects!

Video 1: My first ever video of any kind, and first youtube upload! Featuring my first and least interesting track!
Video 2: Track 2
Video 3: Track 3
Get the game: (Download)

Pictures! First track is just a spruced up place holder piece, but I left it in… The bottom 2 pics show some zooming.


Cool. If you can capture some video and put it up on YouTube we can add it to the official MonoGame channel.

Hi, I was gonna do a post about that, to contribute to the video project… I have actually tried to capture some video, using VLC media players built in desktop recorder, but I cant get decent frame-rates…

If you know of a way to do it for free, I would be happy to… I only have a good “gaming” pc, no special equipment.

Reminds me of PSOne games era!


Keep at it, it can sell I am sure… try Humble Bundle DRM-FREE bundles!


I would suggest bringing it down to 720P as this supports far more screens and scales well in both directions, I play almost all games in 720P so I can max out my settings :slight_smile: this will also give better frames when screen capturing…

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I’ve usually used tools like FRAPS, Bandicam, or Dxtory.

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It can scale to any screen size because it all ends up on one rendertarget, I just dont have an interface for it… Perhaps I should have the ‘+’ ‘-’ and ‘ENTER’ keys cycle through resolutions and toggle full-screen…

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Thanks! I just tried Bandicam and Dxtory, (because fraps hasn’t been updated in years, apparently)…
But they both leave water-marks on the free version.

I will try FRAPS later or tommorow… Stay tuned!

I suspect FRAPS does as well… I don’t remember really. There are more out there too if you search around.

I think this gives 10 minutes for free however… just give it a go lol

It seems like a nice tool with a nice interface, but unfortunately, no matter the settings I try, I cant achieve a good frame-rate… I think its because the whole screen changes from frame to frame because of the zooming and panning of the camera…[?]

I have a 6 core cpu, plenty of ram, ssd drive, and an above average graphics card… But I dont know if thats enough to expect 60 fps. Not that I’m even close to that.

I needed to capture some game footage a while back and I found an open sourced one that seems pretty decent. Worked well for what I needed.

It’s called Open Broadcast Software. You can use it for capturing video or streaming… I’ve only used it for capturing video.
Has some pretty nice features like GPU based capture for games etc:

Oh… I forgot about another option… I found OBS because I needed to capture a video of a Java game I had started working on (which I am now rewriting in Monogame).

However, since moving to Monogame, it looks like you can record directly from a game written in Monogame using the Windows 10 Xbox App via the DVR option (the Xbox DVR App did not work with Java, which is how I ended up finding OBS).

If you are on Windows 10, find the Xbox App and check out the options screen to find the keyboard shortcuts to bring up the DVR. I am not sure if this app exists or works on earlier versions of Windows.

Now you know why I wrote that. :stuck_out_tongue:

[WIN]+[G] EDIT Then click the cogwheel to set sound and video quality settings and recording times.

Yeah I have windows 10.
So you are basically suggesting I go with this one?

I wonder how it compares to Microsoft’s other video capture stuff, like the one MrValentine suggested.

EDIT: Oh just checked out your first link, they have GPU encoding as well… I’ll try the open one first, then.

Found the right recording tool… I will try to get that done sooner or later. When is the deadline? :slight_smile:

Also @MrValentine and @YTN

After testing most of the capture programs above, I can say the winner is OBS… Open Broadcast Software…
It delivers on all aspects… User-friendliness, no watermark, cool and smart options, and a chop-free GPU recording.

I just use my HDMI capture card :ramen:

I really hate this reply thing not working…



and yes @MrValentine, its broken. Is there a hero among you brave enough to lead the charge? :carousel_horse:

@Tom Is it possible I can annoy you with a request that should be relatively easy to achieve? [I do appreciate the efforts you put into making this place better]

The Reply / Cancel buttons… when I hover over the cancel button it gets covered over by the URL data from the browser… can you perhaps, centre the two buttons? and move the SAVED notification to the left instead?

I will just have to put up with the reply-to indicators not functioning at all and resort to remembering to use the [AT] symbol method…

Sorry I am a bit OCD… :eyeglasses:

@monopalle by the way Expression Recorder is great for screen capture of the general desktop such as browser windows aside from high FPS scenarios, so you can use it to showcase code easier if you want to post it on something like YouTube to share here or anywhere… I tend to use Expression Encoder for those scenarios and I also have the hardware encoding licence… a shame they killed it however…

There isn’t a deadline… just whenever you can.