Loading an unprocessed PNG at runtime

First, I want to thank everybody at MonoGame for all the help. My game is almost ready for beta. I just posted a gameplay walkthrough: https://www.general-staff.com/general-staff-black-powder-gameplay-ai-video/

My game is a turn-based tactics game. I wanted to create a ‘replay’ feature. That is, at the beginning of every turn I would take a screen grab, store it as a numbered PNG, and then at the end of the game (win or lose), the user could watch a turn by turn replay. Like a filmstrip.

The question is: is it possible to load a PNG that hasn’t been processed via the MGCB?

I suppose that if it isn’t possible, I could write a little program in WPF or whatever that is launched by the game that would act as a ‘filmstrip projector’.


Take a look at Texture2D.FromFile(...).

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I’m 68 years old. I actually asked this question before, and I freaking use this method to load the map at runtime! It ain’t’ easy getting old.

Thanks, markus!