Loading my Scrolling Background

Hello, I was attempting to run my Scrolling Background(s) in Monogame which I’ve just created, however there is no error in my code, except whenever I try to run my project I get this:

Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.ContentLoadException: ‘The content file was not found.’

I’ve already placed my background images inside the content area of Monogame but I am not sure how to work around this.

Your assets need to be built and put in the right folder first. The MonoGame content pipeline will build your assets into .xnb files which a ContentManager can load. These .xnb files must be in your bin folder.

If you started from a template that is installed with MonoGame, all you have to do is add the assets to your Content.mgcb file by opening it with the Pipeline Tool (by double clicking the .mgcb file) and dropping the assets in there.

There’s more extensive explanations in the Documentation and in various tutorials.

Edit: if you run into a ContentLoadException make sure to check the inner exception. It will contain more details about what went wrong.

How do I access the pipeline tool? It’s the first time I’m using monogame today.

If you installed MonoGame correctly it should open when you double click the .mgcb file. If not try searching for the “MonoGame Pipeline Tool” application.

Is there a form of contact where I am able to message you privately by any chance? I found the pipeline too as well.

This forum has a direct message feature. Just click on my profile and then message.
Edit: I actually prefer gitter for chatting though. The MG channel usually has some active people for quick support https://gitter.im/MonoGame/MonoGame
or pm me at https://gitter.im/jjagg

Apologies, I’m not finding the ‘sign up’ option for Gitter. I’d be more than willing to message you there, though.

On the top right of their home page there’s a button. https://gitter.im/
You can sign in with either your Twitter or GitHub account. I’m very short on time atm, but someone on the MG channel might be able to troubleshoot.

In visual studios. Create a new monogame project.
In visual studios. You open the solution explorer.
In visual studios. In the Solution explorer window. You will see a Content Folder.
Clicking the folder and expanding it will show a orange icon named Content.mgcb.
Double clicking that icon will execute the content pipeline tool for your project.

you may then add files to the project build them and save the content pipeline project.