Loading textureatlases

Hepp, figured it out =)

Someone in a year be like https://xkcd.com/979/


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I’m I missing something here - Hepp, figured what out? What is the problem, what is the solution you figured out?

Haha, well maybe it’s a good idea to share what i found on how to draw sprites from an atlas.

I looked through the source and search around for somehat similar problems i encounterd and basically this is what you need to do:
call atlas to get a textureregion2d, call that one with Bounds to get a rectangle as source, crate a destination rectangle with that regions sizes, draw it with the regions texture like so:

TextureRegion2D region = atlas.GetRegion(regionid); Rectangle sourceRectangle = region.Bounds; Rectangle destinationRectangle = new Rectangle(position, region.Width, region.Height); spriteBatch.Draw(region.Texture, destinationRectangle, sourceRectangle, Color.White);

Before all this you have to create a atlas from texturepacker and load it of course.
The documentation on MGE is till a bit unfinished.

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There’s an extension method for TextureRegion2D so you can just call it directly. No need to mess around with getting the regions rectangle:

var region = atlas.GetRegion("some-region") spriteBatch.Draw(region, new Vector2(x, y), Color.White);

where x,y is the location where you want to draw your texture. Sure, if you need to resize it you’ll need to get the rectangle and do a source/destination drawing but you can also scale the drawing or something (depends on what you’re drawing).



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