Loading Tiled in Monogame: Content pipeline cant built

Hello community, I have been trying to load a map made in Tiled tmx, and I have done as the page indicates. Tiled | MonoGame.Extended
the problem starts when i want to build the Content. I just want to load my map made in tiled, thank you very much

Put them in MGCB but no build action, only copy.
Then you can load the raw file.

Edit: I use tiled.cs IDK about Monogame Extended implementation

What is the error you are getting @jorge_contreras ? I was having content issues with MonoGame.Extended.Tiled too so may be able to assist.

The error I saw was cannot find method get_ColorTransparent (or something like that)

Hello everyone and thank you very much for your help, but what I wanted to do was upload a map made in Tiled. I have already solved it by following the tutorial from Using a tmx map in monogame - TRCCompSci - AQA Computer Science

My problem is with the collision, but I have to keep doing tests to get it