Look At My First RPG Game Made In MonoGame!

Hello, I created this basic RPG game a few months ago in school, can somebody give me tips on how to make it better?
I am going to add skills and more soon.
It’s very short and only has about 4 quests but I don’t know if it has the right direction.
I have been using the RPG Maker VX Ace Assets and I want to know If I can publish a game with them and not get legal issues.
Please explain things to me in an easy way as I am only a beginner and the game is a WIP of course.

Controls I havent written in the controls menu yet but they still work-



Personally I do not think that using non-licensed contents FOR TESTING PURPUSES is a bad thing. Not all of us could afford to buy content, especially for our very first game. However, my advices would be:

  1. Look for team members who can create contents for you. It is not easy to find the correct persons, but if you succeed you could learn a lot together and there will be no more licencing problems.

  2. If you cannot find members, do not give it up. Create as much as you can from the non-licenced contents, so you can at least show something that works. The more you have to show, the easier it will be to find members. But try to make it in a way that changing contents will be easy.

  3. During your search, experiment as much as you can! For example…does your game support fullscreen mode? What about different resolutions? Can you play sounds when a certain action needs it? Can you stop them - or part of them - when the user presses Esc? Have you ever felt that you are doing something more than it required, or in other words, does your game has a lot of redundancy? The more you can solve from these, the better your game will be and the easier it will be for you to find new members. None likes to join a team where non-competent persons are doing low-quality things. Always try to do the best you can.

  4. If you have a game plan, that is not just something like “it would be good to create a WoW-like game”, but sometihng specific, like “I will create an RPG, with wizards, knights and priests in it. The story will be […], and the characters can do […], and the the fighting system will be […], and…”, do yourself a favour and WRITE SPECIFICATIONS! “It is not required, i know everything!” - you could say. Well, even better, so it will be a quck task. However, if it turns out that you missed out something, you can always change/extend your specification and thank me later that I warned you. :slightly_smiling: On the other hand, game specification will tell you what is and what is not required from the team’s side in a technical approach. If the game does not support multiplayer, you should not worry about network codes, more than one players and can focus on important things, like fixing resolution-dependent issues, fixing redundancy, etc…

Hope these helps and good luck with your game! :slightly_smiling:

May I ask how you made the tilemap? Did you use MonoGame.Extended? I myself am looking for a solution to tilemapping, and have considered making my own engine + editor, but it doesn’t seem wise, since there are ones already out there. It looks amazing!

Can you provide a new download link?