Looking for a team?

Good stuff… Where is all this planning and discussion taking place?

Oh not that hide knowledge. The fact that youre active on this community means you want to share some knowledge. I meant want to work alone. Everyone are free to join. Would be great if more people join. But No idea how to add the chat link to community page. That depends on the admin

I am not really familiar with Discord. Is that link static (or in C#-way: const :smile: ), or it may change over time? Also, what happens with the room you have created over time?
I think generally it would be a really good thing to have a live chat for the monogame community and adding a static link to the page should not be a big problem. :slightly_smiling:

I think it is.

There is the Gitter channel :slight_smile:

Hey! Do you want more people? I’m a 3D graphics programmer, I have experience in game making. Only been testing networking never released anything MP.

Hi there!
I’m a developer and I make games in my sparetime. Currently I have a game on steam including MP and I would take you for a tour through my code, if you’re interested.
The game is a RTS (tower defense) and I use the deterministic lockstep algorithm for MP. It uses the steam.net basic library and, since it’s on steam, it also uses the server over there for lobbies, etc…
So sadly I don’t have a server to offer.
Maybe someone’s interested. I don’t have anything prepared though. Would be improvised.
I’m in GMT +1 (Austria)

This would really help us.

Do you release the code?

Sure https://discord.gg/7dEW9mx

Hmmm. Your invite link is expired.
Just installed discord.
My tag is #6054 (psilo)

And I didn’t put the code up since it’s a closed-source game.
But I’m able to share portions of the code. No problem. If we find something interesting, we’ll ‘set it free’ alright.
(It’s my game. I’m allowed to do that)

I can’t join either.

Hello. This is the new link

Im pretty sure I make the invites permanent… Here is the new link

Hello again! Before I sign up, how many people have joined, and what activity has there been in the group?

Hello. there are some people join. but the projects limit is 4. since the game is really just a simple one. We have a GDD already and all we need is a diagram to distribute the task.

How are things going with this collaboration? Any screen shots or tales of glory?

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