Looking for a team?

So ive been learning monogame for quite a while now. I havent done this before and I thought I might try something new. Anyone here learning monogame alone? wanna team up? build some simple games and learn together? :smiley:

I would love to gain experience in coop game making…

I have made several games on my own, and feel comfortable with monogame, so that part shouldn’t be a problem.

I would prefer something very light, ala tetris, pacman, pick up sticks, battleship, etc… so our focus can be on project management and team coordination, rather than complex logic problems or diverse content…

In fact, maybe we should do battle ship, I need an excuse to learn about networking anyway, and that seems like the most basic networking you could have…?

-It would be nice to simply finish even a small project together… So whatever you have in mind is probably cool with me…

I would really love to gain experience in game making !

I am a web developer, and am trying to learn monogame (and game programming in general) since a few months. I did not go very far because I am alone in this process, and it is quite slow. I am still having some difficulties in understanding code organization and some stuff like that, which are very different in web development.

I would really like to team up with you to learn more on game programming, and finally be able to make some (small) games !

I’d like to join this too. I mostly code on my own, so this will be a nice change of pace.
I haven’t made a real game with MG, but I’m pretty familiar with the API and for some parts the codebase.

I agree!

Cool, I’ve been thinking of doing some networking stuff lately too :slight_smile:

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DO you guys use Discord?

Not yet, but I can still start using it !

That’s fine by me too :slight_smile:

https://discordapp.com/channels/218211765656354817 Join in here

Here https://discordapp.com/channels/218211765656354817

I’m on it, nobody is connected for now but i’m still waiting :slight_smile:

What is discord? The link just shows a login screen.

If it is some sort of networking site, I’ll sign up only if and when I see some activity in the group.
-The last time I tried a group project, I was the first to sign up, and it never went anywhere.

I think you need to share an invite for us to join. Or I don’t get how this works :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah my bad. This is the correct link https://discord.gg/7dEW9mx

My bad this is the link https://discord.gg/7dEW9mx

We can discuss what are your interest there then we can decide

Please post back here how things go. If you guys get the ball rolling, I’ll join up… As long as the game is modest in scope, I’m in.

Hello again. About this networking stuff… How would you like to combine forces and make the simplest bit of networking possible?

I’m thinking something like a chat program without any features, just to send each other data.
Maybe even just something that confirms a link, and nothing else…

We could share links and tutorials, find out what components are required, and then casually delegate tasks as we uncover them…

Or maybe each dig our own tunnel, and meet at the middle, when we both fire up our individual interfaces and link up using whatever standards we agree on.

I am not sure whether it will help or not, but I used VS 2013 Express with Visual Studio Online, so basically you can set up a full SCRUM-like project with sprints, user stories, tasks, just like a lot of companies are using project handling. Source controlling is quick and easy, absolutely reliable. And below 5 persons it is all free! :slightly_smiling:

I do not say I would join, because I am busy working on my project, but maybe in a mostly read-only mode I would follow the project, maybe every once in a while I would share my thoughts. Only if you are interesting, of course! :slightly_smiling:

Yow. We are gonna start on simple. Im quite busy at the moment. but Im gonna up the game design on discord tomorrow. Networking is one of our priority. All of us are interested in networking. I can see that you already have more experience. Still up to you if you want to join. Two of the team doesnt have game experience or even created their own simple game. So my plan is to start simple.

TBH monogame community love soloing :smiley: compared to unity where they team up with others. So I wasnt expecting many people would join. But ofcourse any information I could have would be great so if you have something to say do pop up on the chanel :smiley: anyone is welcome with same interest or just want to teach someone :smiley: lets share knowledge so people woudnlt give up easily and join the unity world :smiley:

“Soloing”… Sorry, I did not mean that I would like to hide all of my knowledge from the community. :smiley: I am a working professional and atm a hobby game developer and a musician, and there is simply too much on my plate to be able to say “Yes, I can commit myself to this team work.”. This is why I said “in read-only mode” and sometimes I will share my ideas with you guys.

On the other hand: Is there a way to add the above chat link to the community page, so it will not be lost and anyone (I mean anyone) could join and chat with the team? Or is there a real-time chat available for the community somewhere?