Looking for gaming laptop recommendations [System...]

Recommended gpu&system for monogame and playing games at high/ultra setting…

Is GeForce RTX 2060 6gb a good gpu???

I want a gaming laptop with 17inch…

This is something you could ask in the general conversation thread.

But to answer the question, no, that’s an entry level [if anything] card, you want at least 8GB GPU VRAM and at least a 2070, I have a 2070 and get very good framerates in Ultra in 9/10 games in 4K, but then again it is paired with a Core i9 9980HK.

The real question here is, what is your budget?


Oh, a laptop… that depends on where you are, really…

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I have a 2060, did not see the advantage of the 70 or 80 over it for the cost they were at, at the time.


Must admit, my 1060 in the Book 2 holds up well too… a 6GB dGPU.