Looking for help porting my game Pixel Blocked over to Monogame

Hi Monogame community, I have a game called Pixel Blocked (http://pixelblocked.com/) that was built using XNA years ago for Xbox 360, Windows 7 and Windows Mobile 7. I would love to see the game on multiple platforms but I don’t have the time (or interest) to do the port myself.

I’m looking for help for services in porting Pixel Blocked over to Monogame and making a build of the game for Windows/Mac/Linux to submit to steam (the game has already been greenlit) and a build for the iOS, Android and Windows Store.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Message me and we can talk about the cost of your services and my needs. Thank you!

I should clarify, the platforms with the highest priority would be iOS and Android, followed by a Windows/Mac/Linux build for steam.

As you have already gotten the greenlight for steam, your highest priority should be to modernize your app with monogame for cross platform(as it would be quickest and easiest)

The IOS and Android would both require some pretty pricey licenses to even compile for let alone the testing and developing. On top of that you have to concider the amount of rewrite work it is going to take to make compatible with the interfaces of those platforms assuming there are no changes to gameplay whatsoever that are required to even be playable.

As for the cross platform to linux/mono you could also mention whether or not WinForms controls were used in the development as theres a range of difficulty between removing that and using what is compatible with MonoGames current library should it have been used. Just a heads up so people concidering this will have some clue what they are getting themselves into :slight_smile:

Thanks Damien for the advice!

The reason I listed the iOS and Android as priority is specifically because I know the other platforms are easy, so I’m looking for someone who can do those two mobile platforms.

It already runs on Windows Mobile 7, so touch controls and UI scaling are already programmed in.

No WinForms were used.


I cant personally help there, but because iOS and Android (by looking at some minor documentation on Xamarin Studio) have very specific needs in development, any existing Win Mobile 7 UI stuff you have wont exactly be useful. In the least it only really meens that your game is friendly to mobile style. Good luck on your game being ported though!