looking for help..

Hi folks,

I am working on very exciting Indie game project and I am looking for a programmer who would be able to make point&click adventure game in Monogame engine.
Its going to be a short demo and then sent to publisher for review, but first I need to improve that Monogame works on all platforms and its able to create great looking adventure game.
I have 3d characters but I can render them out as sprites (no problem).
I will also need some features to make it look very good, we can discuss this later.
So, first I would make just one fully functional room and see if it works and look great.
If you are interested and you have created some adventure game in MG before, please send me a link.


Not much help here… so I go with Unity3D and Wme… bye

Sometimes I wonder how stupid people can be.Then I see posts like these…By the way you wont find anyone who`ll be willing to work for free.

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this is the new form of slave labor

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