Looking for Monogame Games for an Machine Learning Livestream

Hi everyone,
i am a hobby game developer myself using Monogame, but i recently drifted more towards learning how to implement machine learning into games.
(You propably already saw Mar I/O: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv6UVOQ0F44, which shows the idea)

Since i realy enjoy seeing how AIs learn and evolve, i want to make a 24/7 livestream showing Ai implementations learning (mostly for education purposes, but also because its a lot fun to watch).
For this purpose, i created several Monogame games, which are used as a playground to evolve neural nets and show the progress by letting it play the game.

But creating games takes time, and since i do both next to a full time job and a family at home, here is my offer for you:

If you want your game showcased leave a message. You will get full credit mentioning information of your choice, the game name, your (creator) name, a link to a store to buy the game, or just a little love letter to someone.

You also do not have to share the sourcecode. I will provide an interface which you simply have to implement, as well as a training environment, to see if the interface is correctly implemented and a learning progress is possible.

There are some limitations, though:

-The game needs to be able to run on windows
-The game needs to be able to run windowed
-The game needs to not have a main menu (so the AI can jump right into the action)
-The game needs to use the keyboard only. Using the mouse to aim is unfortunately something out of the capabilitys of the current NEAT implementation

Thanks for your time, i am looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards

It would be great to have a neural net tutorial here on the forums and or in the documention -> examples for monogame. I have been very interested in it i just haven’t had the time to dedicate myself to learning it thru some code that is typically in c++.