Looking for recommendations for particle editor

Assuming you use particles in your games, what editor to you use to create them?

Partially out of curiosity really. I am looking for a particle engine but I haven’t found anything suitable so far so I suspect I will end up porting the JavaScript engine we currently use. Seems like something that would be useful for a lot of people though, kinda surprised there isn’t more / better options available than those I found (only one I found was mercury really, with a handful of different editors).

Curious if you ended up finding anything you liked, or you ended up just porting your own? I’m in basically the same situation as you. It seems there are several options out there but people often end up rolling their own. There doesn’t seem to be much consensus for a best choice for particles.

Actually I saw you posted another topic just last week on particles - ignore me here I’ll hop to the other thread

cool, let me know how you get on. hopefully you won’t have too much trouble changing it to fit your framework.

Not sure if we’ll be able to use it or not - looks like it’s 2D but we’re looking to support 3D.Need to evaluate if it’s less work to take that and make it 3D or if it’s better to start with Mercury and make an editor. Will let you know!

Ah yeah I forgot your doing a 3D game. Yeah you’d be best of making an editor for mercury in that case.