Mac issue with Android SDK Visual Studio 2022 for Mac

Working on visual studio Mac 2022 updated visual studio and now it won’t load any monogamy android projects or create new Monogame project templates. I am looking into the reason and will report back but the error is

Unable to find SDK ‘Microsoft.NET.Runtime.MonoAOTCompiler.Task.net6’

SDK not found
/usr/local/share/dotnet/x64/sdk/6.0.407/Sdks/Microsoft.NET.Runtime.MonoAOTCompiler.Task.net6/Sdk not found. Check that a recent enough .NET SDK is installed and/or increase the version specified in global.json.

I adjusted your title and tags to reflect the issue you are having, as I do not do either of these, hopefully someone with experience and hardware can chime in.

Thanks mate was written late and under stress lol

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Ok have started investigating. Looks like it’s Microsoft trying to push people on to .net 7 why would we even use it it’s not lts. Further things to test will feed back later tonight

Finally I have the fix if this happens you can’t. open the solution so go into terminal change to your project folder and run dotnet add package Microsoft.NET.Runtime.MonoAOTCompiler.Task --version 6.0.2

And bobs your uncle your solution will now load


Thanks for sharing the solution.