Mac SpriteFonts Huge

I’ve been working on my MonoGame project in Linux and everything is working as expected.

I cloned my app on to my MacBook Pro and got everything building and running. However, My sprite fonts are enormous (about three characters take up the entire screen!)

I tried rebuilding the existing fonts (Courier New & Arial) on the Mac in the Pipeline tool, but the same thing happens.

Has anyone else seen this before?


Well, the content pipeline tool on the Mac still makes gigantic fonts. Not sure why. I am working around this by creating the xnb’s in Linux and then having the project build copy them to the bin. When I put that on my Mac the fonts render as expected.

strange :confused:

This is the first time we’ve seen this reported. @dellis1972 works almost exclusively on Mac and has been working in the font processing recently. Any ideas, Dean?

Fonts seem to work as normal for me. @wuzzard do you have a sample .spritefont definition you can share?

Sure. How should I send it to you?

@wuzzard just use pastbin or gist to send it. SpriteFont is just xml. And post the link here

i also have a screen shot example and the XNB if you want those. The same spritefont markup produces a font that works fine in my Linux project, so I’d be surprised if you found anything amiss with the XML.

Thanks. The xml is required to be able to repo the issue on my Mac. Without a repo I can’t fix it :slight_smile:

I just tried it with the latest development build and the font size is 22kb.

Oh, not huge as in disk space. Huge as in render size. On my mac, it renders as if it were a 100 point font instead of say 16pt.

‘Test’ rendered with the spritefont I linked

Can you share the code you are using to Render? What parameters are you passing to SpriteBatch etc.