Machina Rising - LD40

Fight your way through robots to recover three cores for the reactors. But be aware, the more cores you activate, the worst the enemies will be.

Game made within 72 hours to the Ludum Dare 40. The theme was “The more you have, the worse it is”, a very general one as it is more like a game design principle.

This time we utilized the library Nez to develop the game, because of two reasons: I already have worked with some platformer mechanics on Nez so I kinda knew what I could and could not do, and the fact that this library has so much features so I could create good stuff very fast without worrying about collisions and that kinda of thing that always gives problems on short times of development.

The problem was that I took around 2 or 3 hours of the time just to set up the game and get a blue window, because we had to use MG 3.6 and Nez only supports oficially 3.5, so I got a lot of errors. Disconsidering that, the only problem I saw with this project is that for some reason, I can’t run it on Linux, even with mono.

In short, I really liked the results, I think we could not be able to create so much (starting from nothing but some classes sketches) without Nez so perhaps I will use it again in the next jam. The code of the game is here: GitHub - Phantom-Ignition/LudumDare40: Source code of the game Machina Rising

Ludum Dare page:


Looks pretty good! I like the style, I had a gamejam with a similar result some time ago: