macOS High Sierra: The SpriteFont Issue (cant download dev versions)


There seems to be problems with the current release (3.6) of the Pipeline spritefont generator on macOS. The solution seems to be to download a developer version of either monogame or pipelone tool for mac. But on the downloadsite ( the links to the development versions for mac are all timing out!

It seems that is timing out! I’m porting my template based game engine to mac as we speak so this is kind of slowing me down!

Perhaps there is an other solution to the spritefonts on mac?

Thanks for any help!

They are moving the build server tom said it would be down for about 3 days that was a few days ago.

Okay, thanks.! Then it’s just me being unlucky wanted to use this during some maintenance! :sob: I will keep an eye on the links!:

Small follow up:

I was able to download the development version of Mac today. This solves the SpriteFont issues I was having “error: 134” for both Mac and IOS.!