macOS XBox Controller (Bluetooth) Mapping Monogame 3.8

Just recently synced my XBox controller via Bluetooth in macOS and noticed that some of the inputs don’t seem to map correctly when I’m testing. These inputs do work properly when running in Windows. Here is where I am seeing the inputs mapping to in macOS:

A = A
B = B
X = Y
Y = Left Shoulder
Left Shoulder = Back
Left Trigger = Right
Right Shoulder = Start
Right Trigger = Right Analog
Left Analog Stick = works as expected
Right Analog Stick = Y axis detecting as X axis, X axis detecting as Left trigger
Left Analog Stick Push In = nothing
Right Analog Stick Push In = nothing

Anyone else having this problem?
I am using GamePad.GetState(PlayerIndex.One) and analyzing the GamePadState.