Make game for Android and iOS at the same time

Hi, I’m just getting started with MonoGame. I’m looking to make a mobile game for both Android and iOS with no differences between the version of the game on either platform.

I came across this tutorial for doing such a thing, but the “Universal MonoGame Mobile application” template it mentions doesn’t exist in my list of templates in Visual Studio 2017 for Windows.

Is there somewhere I can find the official source for this template and just download it myself? Or if not, are there any resources on doing this from scratch? I’ve been searching for a while, but I can’t seem to find anything either way.

Hey, I’m new to this whole Monogame-thing too, so I somehow can relate to the struggle you might have…

A good start might be this video I found some time ago, it generally describes how to setup a structure for Multiplatform projects.
Oh, and make sure you have installed each corresponding Development Source to the platform you’re aiming to have (In your specific case it would be the Xamarin Option for the Android and IOS Development), Otherwise it might throw some errors talking about some missing Project Template ID’s if I’m not mistaken (has been a while since I got that one).

Hope it helped in some way to ease your process.
Best Regards :slight_smile: