Making Music for Developers at Request

Anyone need music in your game? I love writing music in my free time and will do it for fun. You don’t even have to use it if you don’t want.

Here’s my portfiolio. Most of these songs I made for a roguelike I was going to make but lost interest when I realized I had no artist.

They are mostly “techno-apocalypse” sounding (because that was the theme of the game) but I can do any genre.

(Some of my personal favorites)


Thank you so much, i am starting to think about music for my current project. Ill check these out.

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Np, hit me up with any concepts/atmosphere targets and I can put something together. I usually just make music throw it on Soundcloud and forget about it, lol.

I’ve been doing it for the last 4ish years, I just do it for fun.

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Sounds like the approach i take to my projects lol

Could you try a Settlers 3 style track?

I think that style of music fits multiple genres…

Here’s where I’m at @ChrisKrazy with your track, I started this but got kind of stuck after a couple days. Maybe I just need some feedback. Don’t know if I hit the theme right, maybe I need to switch up the instruments. :thinking:

Let me know any feedback you have on it

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I looked up this game because I never played it, I love the style. I think to do this effectively you would need to scour for the cheap soundfonts they used back in the day.

Reminds me of the old PS1 soundtracks they used to make. I feel like if I mastered the sound of them very few people would appreciate it, would probably just look at it as cheap low quality music, but you and I know better. :stuck_out_tongue:

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But yeah @ChrisKrazy by no means am I done with that, that’s just where I started.

In that case, take a look at Xenogears and Star Ocean 2.

I could give a long list of games to consider :wink:

Glad you appreciate the beauty of that period.


Having to double post to push a notification :roll_eyes:

I forgot to mention, you could always try a modern take on The Settlers III

Also take a look at Legend of Legaia, and also, Jade Coccoon [both on the PSX]

It sounds so cool, I’m really liking it so far! It definitely has the build-up I was looking for. I also really like that echo effect you have going there. The tone is different from what I imagined, but I think it works, in fact, I think it’s better than what I had in mind.

If I were to suggest something; adding a bit to the end to represent a ‘clash’ sequence after all of that build-up would make it feel more complete to me. Thanks again for doing this!

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I will have to add the clash part, maybe find a good gong effect. After that I will post my progress on it.

Np though, I liked making it. I added a second half to it, and will probably do a more ambient and heavier version of the song just by switching up the soundfonts a bit. I’ll also make a small nuget that will handle playing it in an orderly way. There will probably be 6 wav files in total, 2 looping/non-looping versions * 3 varients.

Idk if you played Fire Emblem Awakening, but in combat, it transitioned to a heavier version of the song, and that was very well done.

I’m currently working on a project that would certainly benefit from your talents. It’s still in the early stages, but I think you of all people should know that listening to a fitting soundtrack helps the creative process go much swifter and easier. Let me know if you’re interested :slight_smile: It’s a loner/survival/comfort type game.

Seems like a good approach you’ve got planned, also FE Awakening was one of my favs so I would definitely like that!