Making .x filetype models to work on monogame

Hello there,
I’m following this book to learn MonoGame, the book includes 3D models that are of .x file type, Compiling them using monogame content pipeline produces a black model with no textures, I know the book is “outdated” but it has done a pretty awesome job on teaching me so far.

Here’s a screenshot:

My question is how can I get those models to work so i can follow the book until the end?

I have 0 knowledge of blender, and 3D modelling, I just want a procedure to follow, so I can keep going with the book.

The MonoGame project is awesome, thank you all for this. Altho I would simply try Deep view from right hemisphere, dunno if there is some free version tho.

Actually… try this: (I don´t have .x to try it at the moment)

Thank you @Ravendarke, your starting point was enough.

Here’s what I did(for archive purposes):

1- Use this site for converting .X files to a blender file

2- Open Blender
3- Import file
4- Export as fbx
5- Follow this youtube guide:

Steps taken may vary, I had no idea what I was doing, so I probably made more steps than needed.

Thanks again.