Manic Caverns - a 2D retro platformer

Hi all, i have just released my first game to the android market. It is a 2D retro platform game (just like manic miner). It is only the first 3 levels of the game so is free to download (does contain ads). I have been working on this for a few years in between jobs and would love to get some feedback from this community. As i am new to this any advice on how to promote my game would be greatly appreciated.

When searching for the game on google play using manic caverns it does not show the game, i have to use manic_caverns, has anyone else experienced this.


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Cool, congrats on your release! :slight_smile:

I checked the store and see this too. I haven’t experienced this but I know that the store search can be quite particular. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with the dashboard, but check your store presence settings. If you have “manic_caverns” anywhere that could be the field you’re interested in and may give you some hints.

Hi, I have checked the store settings and cannot see anything wrong. Searching for “manic caverns” & manic_caverns finds the app but still not manic caverns. As you say it seems the store search is particular. Many thanks.