MAUI support

If I understand correctly Xamarin will be retired soon (in 2024) and MAUI is his successor. Should I use MAUI for monogame android projects and is it possible now?

Yep. Add to .csproj: <UseMauiEssentials>true</UseMauiEssentials>

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What it does exaxtly?

Hi All,

over the last days I’ve created a MAUI Integration for MonoGame for iOS and Android. I will publish my fork soon. The iOS Integration was simple and no code adjustments on MG was necessary, but for Android there was a few additional steps necessary in the MonoGame Android Platform Code.
The main problem was the difference between the AndroidGameActivity and the MauiAppCompactActivity which are not compatible and mixable.
To solve this problem I have created an Interface for the AndroidGameActivity and it is used in the whole MG Library.

It’s only a preview and not really well tested but it seems to work.
You can now mix the MG Graphics and use the MAUI UI as an overlay.

Best regards