MAUI / Xamarin with MonoGame

Greetings everyone! I’ve seen a couple similar posts to this, but nobody has answered those; so, here it goes.

We would like to use MonoGame for its cross platform abilities, but it looks like some of that was relying on Xamarin, which Microsoft is deprecating.

So, does MonoGame work with MAUI now for cross platforming?


You can use MAUI Essentials with MG (for Android and iOS at least). Just add <UseMauiEssentials>true</UseMauiEssentials> to your .csproj.


This does not work for my iOS projects when pairing my Windows PC with my Mac that runs Xcode 15. Any solutions?

Xcode 15 is supported by the recently released .NET 8. Try upgrading if you haven’t yet.

Thanks. Will give it a try and report back when I’m at my computer.

It’s probably good now after updating to .net 8. Stuck on trying to get iOS provisioning set properly. I have an apple provisioning profile, api, developer and distribution accounts but no simulator available and unable to connect to phone.