Maze Burrow Pre-alpha Demo (Windows)

Maze Burrow is a simple puzzle game that involves moving blocks into their respective spots to unlock the portal to the next level. You play as an echidna whose burrow has been turned into a maze by moles, and your goal is to help the echidna escape.

I released a short demo on and am looking for feedback on the game concept. Maze Burrow is currently in a pre-alpha state, so any and all feedback is helpful and greatly appreciated! Follow the instructions on the link to get playing. There is only a Windows build available for this demo.

Thanks a lot for your time!


I downloaded it hoping to test your game Bru… but it was created in .NET Framework 4.7.2 which I have a problem installing it on my current machine T __ T

But the game itself looks exiting to play ^_^y

Which is the latest framework version you can use? I can upload a new build using an older version since I’m not using anything specific to 4.7.2.

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4.5 would be cool man ^_^y

You read my mind; I just uploaded a new build targeting 4.5. Let me know if there are any other issues! Thanks a bunch!

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EDIT : Em just kidding I know it just a prototype… I completed level 1 and 2… good job
I like puzzle game ^_^y

Controls are listed in-game. Is Enter not working to pause? Glad to see it’s working and you like it!

v0.2 released! This version contains 10+ new levels, new mechanics, an overworld map, and Linux support!

Full changelog


v0.4 released, containing a total of 45 levels, an undo feature, and much more!


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