Maze Burrow Released

After a year and a half of development, I’ve launched my Sokoban-inspired puzzle game, Maze Burrow, on and Steam for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Push and pull blocks across 60+ levels of increased complexity. Fight the moles in levels with a hint of action thrown in to show them who’s boss. Utilize warps, press switches, and traverse ice and mud to solve puzzles and escape to freedom.


I want to thank the MonoGame community and maintainers for all their help and hard work making this possible. MonoGame let me focus on just the game I wanted to build, which greatly sped up development time and made working on this game very enjoyable.

There’s a 30% launch discount until April 8, so if you’re considering it, I suggest picking it up within the week. Thanks again, and I hope you all enjoy the game!


It really looks good! Hope it goes well, i’m not really into puzzle games to do a gameplay eval myself sorry :frowning:

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I played it and I like it :sunglasses::ok_hand:But I guess I am a little into puzzle games. Last game I bought is The Witness :video_game::wink: