Maze Chaser 3D (First-Person Puzzle-Platformer) - On Google Play

Hello MonoGame community!

First, I’d like to say thank you for the great MonoGame framework which allows me to make use of my XNA skills on a variety of platforms.

I’m a recent graduate of the University of Scranton and my thesis project was to create the game Maze Chaser 3D. Maze Chaser 3D is a first-person puzzle-platformer game similar to the game Portal. In other words, the player must manipulate the game world to traverse the level successfully and this involves solving puzzles and defeating enemy NPCs.

One of the main features of my game is the AI for the NPCs. The NPCs can be in one of five states, such as: Attack, Flee, Co-op Attack, Co-op Defend, and Attack-and-Hide. In the cooperative states one co-op defender NPC will stay behind the co-op attacking NPC and will supply him with health. Then in order for the player to defeat the NPCs the player must think strategically and destroy the defending NPC first in order to then defeat the attacking NPC.

The physics for the game was implemented by using the BEPUPhysics physics library and the particle effects for the game were implemented with Dynamic Particle System Framework (DPSF).I’ve tested my game on several devices (Samsung Galaxy Tablets) and emulators, however if some of you could install my game to verify that it works I’d really appreciate it. Also, I’m open to any suggestions or questions.

Here is the link to my game with more details and download information: