Maze Frenzy - free mobile action puzzler built with MonoGame

After a lot of false starts and ideas that didn’t pan out, I’ve finally released my first game built with MonoGame to the Play and App store! It’s an endless runner in a maze that combines fast-paced swiping action with maze-solving puzzle elements.

##Android Download
##iOS Download
##Gameplay Clip


MonoGame and C# have been a joy to work with and I’m really happy with how everything turned out. Please let me know what you think of the game, or if you have any questions about its development!


"if you have any questions about its development!"

Awesome! I’m fond of any game deployed to Andoid builtWithMonoGame! any do’s and don’t tips when deploying MonoGame apps to android ? I already have deployed an APK games to my android device but not yet on Google Play… Any tips when deloploying to Google Play would be much appreciated bro :slight_smile:

Just tried it out on android, and thought it’s a nice little idea - I didn’t see that before.

I espacially liked how you composed the title screen, the tutorial and the start of the first level to one single screen as the starting point of your game.

Well done!

The only thing I was missing is a kind of title music / theme and a small game logo and / or splash screen. This is, in my opinion, always a good way to gain additional reputation and to standing out.

But it’s a very nice first release.

Keep up the good work!

@DexterZ - The Google Play deployment process was super easy and painless. The only tip I can think of is not to panic like I did when your game doesn’t show up in searches on the Play Store even if the search is your game’s exact name. If you just wait a few days and get some emails from friends and family, it’ll start showing up.

@BlizzCrafter - Thank you! I’m really proud of how that start screen turned out. If I’ve learned from software dev, it’s that the only way to make sure people see a tutorial is to shove it in their face, and the only way to make them not hate it is to let them ignore it if they want. I’m hoping this accomplishes that.

I’m considering adding music, but I was worried it would get repetitive and/or distracting. I’m imagining people will probably play this while listening to a podcast or sitting on a bus or something, so I figured I just wouldn’t bother. As for a logo or splash screen, I tried making one but I don’t really have any artistic talent so they all looked pretty janky. I’ll take another pass at it though now that it’s released.

Thanks to you both for the feedback!