mcgb Compile Time Error

Hey Guys!

I’m totally green to MonoGame but attempting to bake some Steam features into an existing project for someone.

I’ve tried searching and can’t really find a resolution for an error I am receiving, any help as to where to even start would be a godsend at this point.

Thank you!

Oh and Hi @senoJniraD, Welcome to the Community!

Happy Coding!

Thank you!

Sadly the issue isn’t with Steamworks at all, this error is occurring before I even touch Steamworks.

I am very familiar with both Facepunch and Steamworks.NET and have used both.

Yes Facepunch is my favorite lol but again the issue is I’m just trying to compile a MonoGame project with no Steam functions yet. I am just not familiar with the compiler or it’s errors.

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Can you check that net7.0 folder

Yessir, there’s about 230 .mgcontent files and one .mgstats file.

Am I looking for something specific?

Sorry, like I said I am very new to MonoGame and this was someone else’s brain child I am going to work on.


Copy and paste this to File Explorer and see if there are files there and share screenshots of the files


Should have something like this:


and digging down that folder:


hmm interesting,

I have (which seems to be correct) but no 7.0 folder, only 6.0.


Yeah, I am still new to handling those issues, notice it is 7.0 in your built project and 6.0 in the nuget.

Hopefully someone can chime in here.

Can you do the following and post your results

Open a command line/terminal in the project (.csproj) directory and execute the following command

dotnet mgcb ./Content/Content.mgcb
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Yessir, i got


Is there more command line switches i can add to verbose a little more?

Maybe i can do a hackydoo and copy the 6.0 to 7.0 and see what files throw an exception there?

Nono, I was just pointing it out as to not confuse the two.


I am betting this is a font file…

Na, mgcb doesnt have a specific verbose command. Its verbose by default.

In the error you posted originally you can see it run with the quiet flag which is why it didnt say what failed.

Though it should have said more about what failed in the command i gave.

What happens when you build the content using the MGCB Editor. You can click the cog wheel in the top right above the build output and unselect filter output to see more info.