MediaPlayer can't get GetVisualizationData()?

When trying to look for a way to make an audio visualizer I saw MediaPlayer.GetVisualizationData(); but this gives me Cannot Resolve Symbol 'GetVisualizationData'. I also saw there was a VisualizationData class but it too can not be resolved. Were these features removed? If so how can I get them back? I am using MonoGame.Framework.DesktopGL

I was curious, so I found this…

Interesting. it opened in 2014 but wasn’t added to feature request until 2018. And looking into the Audio Feature Requests on the Github there only seems to be 7 todo. I wonder when they will get around to implementing MediaPlayer. Is there a way to ask if they have any plans on it 6yrs later?

I can’t remember where i read it but under the request features it read something like this.

“Slow way: make a post explaining your feature.
Fast way: Learn c# and make it yourself”

It wasn’t the monogame git but i guess it’s true in most projects.

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Just use FMOD or something like that. Built-in audio system is a steaming pile of shit.