MediaPlayer not playing mp3 sometimes

Hi All

I’m quite new to monogame 3.4 but coming along well so I decided to add some music to my “game”. I basically have 2 screens, 1st is the main menu and the 2nd is the game screen. I have a mp3 playing on the main menu, and when the user clicks start the game screen loads and a short 5 second mp3 plays. At end of game they can retry or return to main menu, where the 2 songs would play again.

However most of the time it works just fine and plays the two songs, but some times say 1 in 10, it doesn’t it just doesn’t seem to play either for a few goes.

I’ve loaded my 2 songs into a “resource class” and have the following method in that class, which I use for playing the songs, I simply call:


public static void PlayMusic(string song, bool isRepeating = false)
MediaPlayer.IsRepeating = isRepeating;

I can only put this down to some sort of bug with monogame 3.4, but does anyone else have this issue?

Thanks for any help