MediaPlayer.Stop(); MediaPlayer.Play(newSong); results in re-playing the previous song, instead of the new song

I think the thread title described the issue well enough, but just in case: ALL of my songs are happy to play individually, but when I try to switch songs by calling MediaPlayer.Stop(); followed by MediaPlayer.Play(someDifferentSong);, the song I just stopped starts over again from the beginning - the new song is not played until after the first song stops playing!

I’ve tried googling around, but mostly all I could find were people who had trouble getting songs to play AT ALL; I wasn’t able to find anyone else with my particular issue.

I’m developing on Windows 7, using MonoGame 3.2 DirectX.

here’s my song-playing code; it’s pretty simple. I worry I’m just making some stupid, simple mistake. thanks for any help!

private Song[] _songs; // these get loaded using Content.Load<Song>(...)
private int _current_song_index = -1;

public void PlaySong(int song)
    // I've tried adding in Console.WriteLine(...)s to confirm that the passed in song variable is different from the _current_song_index, within _songs.Length, etc, and all of that seems to be OK.
    if (song != _current_song_index)
        if (_current_song_index != -1)

        if(song >= 0 && _songs[song] != null)
            MediaPlayer.IsRepeating = true; // I tried taking this out, just in case; didn't change anything

        _current_song_index = song;

Maybe a bit of a long shot but I had issues with songs playing on Android and the solution was to let the thread sleep a little bit before it played the song.

What happens if you put a breakpoint and step through the code line-by-line (thus essentially sleeping the current thread through debugging)? Does the last song still play?