MenuElement MouseHover Bound inaccuracy in VBox

Hey guys,

I have a little Problem with the Bounds or HoverReaction of my MenuElements when they reside inside a Layout (here: VBox). The images below demonstrate the problem.

The MouseHoverReaction of the Button takes place before the Mouse actually enters the visible Bounds of the Button. It’s like the Bounds are shifted down a bit, but the MenuElement is drawn at the correct position.
When trying that with MenuElements further up in the VBox the misplacement seems to get smaller.

I am suspecting that it has something to do with VBox.OrderElements() since that manipulates the MenuElement’s RectangleF.Location. I have tried a few things like checking the MenuElement’s Location at the time of drawing and the time of checking for MouseHover, but it seems to be the same.

I am kind of out of ideas. If someone could take a look at the code, that’d be great :slight_smile:

The VBox in the image is actually inside an HBox, but I tested it with a bare bones VBox and the bug still remains.

While running the Program, press F1 to make the MenuElements from the image appear.

RelevantClasses(under TheEngine/Graphics/Menu): Layout, VBox, MenuElement, all MenuElements.