Mercury Particle Engine Editor

I’ve been looking to start utilization of the Mercury Particle Engine that’s available in the MonoGame.Extended library.

In my travels through Google I came across a demo video in YouTube that show cases what looks like an editor / particle “demo” based on XML definitions.

I’ve been unable to find the source code in the CodePlex archive or the new GitHub site. Has anyone else had any luck?

Any recommendations on what to read/watch to ‘get started’ would be much appreciated as well.

Thanks so much!

i have some of the source code here in my repo. I hope I didn’t changed it. But it should be ok:


Thanks for sharing this! I’ve updated the project to reference MonoGame assemblies instead of XNA.

I’ve placed the code in GitHub -

I created an installer utilizing WiX which you can grab as well -

Windows Defender is likely to yell at you if you attempt to run the installer due to the executable being unsigned and new.

I have not updated any of the underlying libraries to utilize updated code from the MPE GitHub repository -

If there is additional interest we could utilize updated code from the MPE repository and determine where the work belongs (maybe a fork of the Matthew Davey code base or MonoGame.Extended)

Hope this helps!

I’m creating a Particle Sandbox / Editor based on the Mercury Particle Engine in the moment.

In case someone stumbled on this thread in search of an editor for this particle engine, I am leaving this link here: