Metric Racer - Closed Alpha Test

Hi all,

Just wanting to showcase a game I’ve been working on for a long time now and I’m wondering how I can get it on the MonoGame front page crawl if deemed worthy?

We’re running an alpha test as well and would love any and all community feedback from people in the monogame community here! You can signup through the link here.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated!



Wow, looks cool! There aren’t enough 3D indie games being made, and certainly not enough futuristic indie racers. I applied for the alpha test!

From what I’ve seen on’s front page, if you #monogame in your tweets, the MG team will often retweet your work-in-progress. Many of these posts include videos or screenshots; these can inspire others to see what they can make in MonoGame, and serve as a nice advertisement. So I would imagine that would make it more likely to be retweeted.

There’s also the #BuiltWithMonoGame hashtag but I’m not sure if it’s intended for finished games only. It is directly linked on top of that front page crawl that you mentioned though.

This is supposed to be the thread you must add your game to to get your game into the MonoGame showcase. However it seems “abandoned”.

@Jjagg @harry-cpp @KakCAT

I would love to get some ideas on how we can fix that.

I was maintaining it, but doing so is a long process. I have to fix up the art provided which can take quite a bit to make look right. I then have to compress the images, upload it to the backend, fix up the json data file that defines all the titles.

I think what we need is someone with the time to write a custom submission page that lets people upload images, enforces image sizes and formats, previews how it will look on the showcase page (as well as a lead banner image on the website).

Once they submit it i think it should immediately create a post here on Showcase page for them automatically. We can then use the heart system here to decide which ones appear in the showcase page as well as which ones appear on the home page.

This would automate the whole process. But of course… who wants to do the work? :wink:

There are most likely WordPress form-building plugins that can help us out with this. We’d need a pipeline to get the submissions into the showcase page, so there’s probably still some coding involved, but building of the form and validating it could be handled with a plugin, I think. Would be nice if the plugin could handle image sizing/compression as well.

We could build forms that ask for the following information for each game:

  • Name
  • Checkboxes for the tags (which platforms + Library or not + pick 2D or 3D)
  • Link to website
  • A screenshot for the showcase page
  • Optionally a screenshot for the banner on the landing page (required to get featured)
  • A logo that we can overlay on the screenshots as is done on the showcase images and the landing page banner.

Ideally the information would come into a queue that lets us validate/edit it before adding it to the showcase.

I unfortunately don’t have the bandwidth to pick this up for now.

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