Metric Racer - Ship Editor

Just wanted to show this off and get some feedback. This is running on the DesktopGL port using a number of shaders (Cartoon, Deferred Lighting, Cascade Shadow Maps, Normal Mapping, Distortion.)

Let me know what you guys think!

Here’s our website link:


Totally awesome, keep up the great work.

The shields look nice. The game is looking very good. How long have you worked on it?

Thanks guys, really appreciate the support.

@Kwyrky I’ve been working on it off and on since 2015 but going full tilt to get it out this year now.

I’ve a got a track editor, AI and split screen working. I had Network working at one point but have to buff out some latency issues.

Here’s a video of the track editor in action. I’ll keep up with updates as I go.


Really cool :slight_smile:

Are you planning to release the game on the steam platform?

If yes, it would be nice to have Steam Workshop support over time, so the community could easily share their track creations - at least if you are about to ship the track editor together with the game.

However, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

@BlizzCrafter The track editor will definitely be with it and my main platform will be Steam (with eventual mobile release) but Steam with Workshop support is the first priority for us!

Thanks for the feedback!

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YAY! Cool “3D” games made with MG ^_^y